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7 Helpful Hints Regarding Cuckold Dating

In the dating world, there will sometimes be room for coupling that is outside the norm. This happens to be the case with CUCKOLD DATING. As far as a hookup goes, cuckolding can be a safe way for everyone to get their needs met. It occurs when a bull or alpha male fills the need for something that is lacking sexually in the current relationship. This is usually related to sexual needs. It can bring up some negative emotions, but can also be good for a man in the partnership. He can be turned on and satisfied when his lover gets the sexual fulfillment that he feels unable to provide. The following are seven pieces of advice regarding this type of dating.


1. Don't Choose Someone who is Too Intimidating

There might be something to letting your woman have her pick. However, you both need to be comfortable with the selection. If the bull or alpha man is too handsome, or has too many good qualities, it can create more envy than needed. Go with a middle ground here.


2. Be Safe

Always practice safe sex. It should never be a requirement that the guy goes without a condom. Make sure your bull is into safe sex practices. Also, if there will be oral sex, then use protection there as well.


3. Set Your Terms

You don't want to feel too out of control. If you are going to all do this, then all of you should sit down for a coffee first and discuss the terms with your wife. You might want to choose to meet at your place so that no one can over hear. But make sure that you always vet the person first for safety even before the person comes over. For instance, you can meet at a coffee shop and if you get a good vibe, invite the person to your place for an initial discussion.


4. Make Sure You Aren't Doing this for the Wrong Reasons

There are many reasons that you might want this type of arrangements. However, try discussing alternatives, such as sex toys, with your partner before you go to extremes. Make sure you are just as turned on by the idea as her.


5. Be Discrete

The whole point of this arrangement is that the three of you get something out of it. But you don't need to go around telling anyone else about it. If you feel that it's not going to stay secret, then try using pseudo names with the bull man. This way, the bull man (cuckolding man) doesn't feel like privacy is being infringed on and vice versa you as part of the couple.


6. Don't Do This to Save a Marriage

There are a lot of Hollywood movies about this kind of arrangement. Actually, maybe more like cautionary tales. In this world of no judgments, you might want to think twice before have the cuckold sex activity or cuckolding hookup to save something that you know this arrangement will not help.


7. Be Selective

This is your sexual health. Make sure that the other party has a medical sheet proving that the person is free from STD's. It's not worth the temporary pleasure only to be diagnosed with something later.


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